The FLYSEC Final Info Day and Cluster Meeting of Border Security Projects successfully took place on Thursday, June 28th 2018 at the Hotel Marivaux, Alfred Hitchcock Amphitheater, Boulevard Adolphe Maxlaan 98 B-1000 Brussels, Belgium.

Please feel free to view the FLYSEC Final Info Day and Cluster Meeting of Border Security Projects agenda and the FLYSEC project booklet.

The event provided insight on the FLYSEC project results and their alignment with the implementation of the joint IATA/ACI Smart Security programme, while contributing to the overall picture of the EU research portfolio and agenda by inviting key cluster projects in the relevant area of airport, border and risk based security paradigm shift. 

One of the event’s highlights was the presentation from the Keynote Speaker, Wilfried Covent, Chairman of the ACI Europe Security Committee, Senior Security Expert Brussels airport, who spoke in regards to passenger differentiation and the threats and challenges for aviation security in the future and in continuation, aligned his views with the FLYSEC integrated system and results. Guest speakers also included Daniel Conrardy, Head of Airport Security-luxAirport who spoke about the implementation and success of the FLYSEC final field test, Shaike Rozanski, VP of Compliance-ICTS Europe who provided the security practitioners and service providers view of FLYSEC and Enno Geissler, Quality and Training Manager of ICTS Europe who detailed the threats to airport and aviation security while focusing on the human factor element. The second part of the event brought together representation from 6 relevant Border Security projects (TRESSPASS, PERSONA, iBorderCtrl, BODEGA, XP-Dite, and CAMELOT) analyzing their objectives, road maps and orientation in regards to airport, border and risk based security.

All the speakers’ presentations can be viewed and downloaded here.

The events’ panel discussion focused on extending the European and Global view on facilitating the adoption of resulting assets, security principles, recommendations and values by policy makers, regulators and high level decision makers, in the context of enhancing security, improving passenger experience and optimising operational resources, while simultaneously taking into account increasing requirements in the context of GDPR compliance, ethics and respect for human rights and dignity.

For further information on FLYSEC, feel free to view the project video here

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